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In a gist, Christina Grimmie - a young girl who gained fame through youtube as zeldaxlove64 and the singing talent show The Voice, was shot during an autograph signing event in Orlando by an armed gunman He was then taken down by her brother where the shooter had shot himself. Sadly that took her life despite being rushed to the hospital.

Here's a copy and paste from my Facebook page as I think it summarises all the feels I have when I heard about what happened to Christina Grimmie.


My heart goes out to ‪#‎christinagrimmie‬ and her family. It's an extremely sad and tragic incident. I still remember watching her videos when she just started out. I began my youtube life around that time too. Her beautiful voice, that keyboard and those Zelda and Sonic posters in the background.
We all seek to entertain whoever watches our videos. Whether our videos get 100 views or even hundreds of thousands or millions, our main purpose is to brighten the viewers day and inspire them to do more than their usual self.
I always tell people, if even one person who was sad or upset after an entire day's work watches my video and laughs or smiles - all that effort or stupidity I put into my video was worthwhile.

If you haven't heard of her, do pay a visit to her youtube channel where he music will always live on and inspire. zeldaxlove64


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